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March 2018, Canvas Cafe, London, SCRATCH

Clint, Max and Sam are waiting in the hospital waiting room.

They are waiting to see Charlotte, who they have all had a relationship with. On her deathbed, they dispute who held her affections best and actually whether she’s worth the fuss…


March 2018, The Honour Oak, London SCRATCH

Socrates leaves the cave of ignorance and comes into the real world. Met by Plato, they discuss whether the world he’s found is worth staying in, or whether he should turn back and go back into the cave.


August 2018, The Lion & Unicorn, Camden Fringe

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre: Nuclear War is imminent. Donald and his daughter
Ivanka are joined by the uninvited Theresa May to their “fallout party”, where they decide who to
nuke on twitter polls…


August 2018, The Lion & Unicorn, Camden Fringe

James meets with Angie to end their affair. James is happily married, with the perfect family life, but Angie doesn’t care much for this image.

No man's land

August 2018, The Lion & Unicorn, Camden Fringe

Kit rapes Felicity, however, the society’s preference to believe the male over the female leads Felicity to live a life as an outcast.


June 2019, The Pleasance Reading

Arthur Holmewood tried to stay alive in Westminster, following his affair coming to public attention and Jeremy Corbyn's rise in the Labour Party. His son, Sam, has his own ambitions on where the Labour Party needs to be and where his father stands in that world.



September 2019, The Omnibus Theatre, Clapham

June takes destiny into her own hands. Murder and trauma reside in the Lone Star Diner, somewhere after the American Dream.


May 2021, the Network Theatre, Waterloo

Tony arrives home to find his father dead on his armchair, following the eldest brother's return from prison. 

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 12.06.35.png
Action Shot Fault Lines.JPG


September 2021, White Bear Theatre, Kennington

After a fire destroys their Gemma and her daughter Ariel's home, Al decides to offer them a temporary place at his house, much to the annoyance of his wife, Louise. 


July 2022, Seven Dials Playhouse, Seven Dials

After a two-year long affair, James has broken up with Lemy. However, Lemy feels James should not get away so easily, especially with a wife and baby at home. 



August 2022, The Cockpit, Marylebone

Mr Gill arrives at his student's house because he feels the need to share a secret to the girl's mum. The secret will devastate the entire family and threaten the relationship between mother and daughter. 

Christmas Tales

December 2022, White Bear Theatre, Kennington & Thomson Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

Three different Christmas stories: Freaks, Bike and Scrooge. It's Christmas and within these stories we find the spirit of Christmas.

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